Drivers in North America do not allow people to pass! They drive all day long in the left hand lane. They often disrespect faster cars that want to pass. They do not respect the fact that the left hand lane is the “passing lane” to be used for passing only!

In every other civilized country drivers stay right except to pass. In Europe they always travel only in the right hand “driving lane”. They move over to the left hand “passing lane” only when they need to pull out to pass a slower moving vehicle.

Before they pull out to pass, they always check their rearview mirrors to look far into the distance to make sure there isn’t a faster car gaining on them. If a faster car is approaching, they wait for that car to pass first.

To stay right and pass left is safe driving practice. It is not only courteous, it’s also the law!

North American drivers exhibit dangerous driving habits:

  • They do not stay in the right hand “driving lane”.
  • They change lanes without checking their rearview mirrors.
  • They change lanes without first using their turn signals.
  • They pull into the passing lane when a faster car is approaching.
  • They do not overtake and pass slower vehicles quickly.
  • They do not return to the right hand lane after passing.

Are we the only ones annoyed by this? Please tell us if you agree…

We are committed to eliminating these very bad driving habits on North American roads. Please join us in our effort to make driving a safer, more pleasant experience for everyone.

We offer a few items that will help to get the message out to the unenlightened masses – the ignorant and belligerent drivers that plague our roads and highways.

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